Lifetime Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers,

We offer the LIFETIME WARRANTY (free exchange of a product in the extremely unlikely event of a manufacturing defect) for all our products on terms described in the User Manual supplied with each product shipped to a customer. At the same time, due to a potential risk of contamination or damage of our products while in a customer's facility, in order to guarantee biological and chemical safety of our new and customers' recalibrated products shipped to customers, we do not offer a return or a refund for any of our products and services, including but not limited to all products listed on this website.

Attention: No other warranties provided. In the event customer's Terms and Conditions disagree with Terms and Conditions of Reference Materials and Calibration Standards Canada, customers are welcome to contact us towards discussing mutually acceptable business arrangements. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: or call us: Tel: +1 (613) 319-7933. Note: We do not provide callback telephone services to parties located outside North America.

URGENT FRAUD PREVENTION ALERT: In the event a person or an organization claims that they are our representative, distributor, or that they can act on our behalf in any way, please contact us immediately to check the validity of such a claim.