Custom-Made Calibration Kits and Standards

In addition to our Certified NIST-traceable, NIST-compliant, and NRC-traceable calibration products, Reference Materials and Calibration Standards Canada (RMCS Canada) manufactures various CUSTOM-MADE reference materials, calibration kits and standards with photometric absorbance up to 20A, with wavelength peaks at ANY wavelengths of a customer's choice for VIS, UV-VIS, UV-VIS-NIR, FTIR, Raman, Luminescence, Fluorescence, and other types spectrophotometry.

Our Certified Reference Materials and Calibration Standards are used for NIST-traceable metrology measurements of Absorbance, Transmittance, Wavelength, Spectral Resolution, Stray Light, all types of Reflectance, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Phosphorescence, Optical Intensity, Quantum Yield, and more.

We also provide Certified metrology measurements and characterization of different type customers' light-sources including, but not limited to, LEDs, Lasers, Tungsten, and many others.

Our availability to undertake a custom-made project is not guaranteed. Please contact us for more Information: