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Reference Materials and Calibration Standards Canada (RMCS Canada) operates from Ottawa, ON, Canada under laws and regulations of Canadian Federal Corporations. Tel: +1 (613) 319-7933. Note: this telephone line does not accept calls from parties with blocked caller IDs. We do not provide callback telephone services to parties located outside North America.

Metrology-Grade Reference Materials and Calibration Standards

For decades NIST (www.nist.gov/srm) was the global benchmark authority for spectrophotometry calibration standards. However, starting around 2005 NIST gradually ceased manufacturing a majority of the spectrophotometry calibration standards they developed in the past. NIST has dedicated virtually all their workforce towards developing chemical standards for RNA/DNA research. Therefore, several years ago NRC Canada (www.nrc.gc.ca) supported the initiative of RMCS Canada (www.RMCSCanada.com) of developing and producing certain "NIST-level and beyond" spectrophotometry calibration standards towards offering them to customers world-wide. Note: NRC Canada does not endorse any products or services of RMCS Canada.

RMCS Canada successfully developed unique wide-band UV-VIS-NIR photometric and wavelength calibration standards, while utilizing calibration capabilities of NRC Canada Photometry and Radiometry under the corresponding formal agreement between said above parties. RMCS Canada is proud to announce that for the first time in the history of science of optical spectrophotometry it became possible to verify photometric performance of UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers at ANY wavelength and with ANY spectral bandwidth.

Note: RMCS Canada is not affiliated with NRC Canada and RMCS Canada does not endorse any products or services of NRC Canada.

Currently three products lines are available to RMCS Canada customers: